Install a Drupal project


drupal site:install [arguments] [options]

Available options

Option Details
--langcode Drupal language
--db-type Drupal Database type to be used in install
--db-file Drupal Database file to be used in install
--db-host Database Host
--db-name Database Name
--db-user Database User
--db-pass Database Pass
--db-prefix Database Prefix
--db-port Database Port
--site-name Drupal site name
--site-mail Drupal site mail
--account-name Drupal administrator account name
--account-mail Drupal administrator account mail
--account-pass Drupal administrator account password
--force Force to reinstall the site

Available arguments

Argument Details
profile Drupal Profile to be installed


  • Install a drupal project specifying installation type, language code, database configuration, site name, site email and admin credential settings
    drupal site:install  standard  \
    --langcode="en"  \
    --db-type="mysql"  \
    --db-host=""  \
    --db-name="drupal8"  \
    --db-user="u53rn4m3"  \
    --db-pass="dbp455"  \
    --db-port="3306"  \
    --site-name="Drupal 8"  \
    --site-mail=""  \
    --account-name="admin"  \
    --account-mail=""  \